Welcome to our Blog

We’re delighted to unveil our new development blog. We on the Armatus team believe in transparency so this blog will serve as a way for us to share development updates and information about the game with our fans. It will give a look inside the project and keep you informed on our progress.

We hope the blog will also be of use to prospective game developers as they will get the chance to see the stages involved in developing a game. Our production notes and updates should be of value to those curious about the process involved. Game design is a complex thing but a very rewarding one. With luck this will be of use to any prospective developers out there!

We also plan to provide a video blog to supplement this, keeping you up to date with the latest Armatus news. We welcome feedback from the community and encourage you to discuss ideas and engage with us on our fan forum. Feel free to share the blog on social media like Twitter or Facebook, we’ll be making our updates available there as well as on our website.

Make sure to check out our next post here which covers the Gladius supertank, the hero unit for the Council faction.


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