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One of the first questions we usually get about the Gladius is why a tank?

It’s quite simple in a way. We wanted to avoid having two similar sides with the only difference being the team colours. Both the Zions and Council factions require different playstyles. It made no sense to give them the same hero unit. The inclusion of different factions in Armatus is to avoid repetitive gameplay. Players switching between the factions will need to adapt their tactics to suit the strengths and weaknesses of their current choice.

The Council is a dictatorship, its units are then mean to evoke images of suppression and power. The Gladius is a physical embodiment of this. It’s meant to be brutal in design and spreading fear throughout its enemies. The Zions units might be mechanical in nature but they mimic living forms. Their Council counterparts are vehicles and machines. There is no emotion or warmth to them.

The Gladius itself is a secret superweapon, the pinnacle of Council technology. It is Dr. Orbitus’ pride and joy, her magnum opus. The tank’s main weapon can penetrate any armour while its own defences can shrug off nearly any counterattack.

As to the art process, we follow a simple structure. First our artists work on a concept design, altering it according to feedback. From there a more detailed blueprint is created. This blueprint serves as a plan for a model of the unit with the texture being the last detail to be completed.

What do you think of the design so far? You can see the evolution of the Gladius tank below through the different stages. We took on board fan feedback for this design so don’t hesitate to get involved! Write to us in the forum or comment below.



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