Two different factions are available now, with two more set to join the battle in the future… Commander, do you have what it takes to survive this chaos?

Armatus offers two unique factions and four modes of play. Heroes and units are customizable with a near infinite number of configurations possible.


Equip and customize your hero and units. Upgrade abilities and adapt your force to suit both the battlefield and your enemy.


Choose your team wisely. Load pre-saved team configurations depending on your opponent.


Show no quarter, fight to the last man. Use every aspect of your army to win. Combine tactics with special abilities for an unstoppable force.



Each faction has their own distinctive strengths and weaknesses. They require different strategies and gameplay. You must adapt your skills and tactics according to your faction.

The Council are the powerhouse faction. They possess the heaviest weapons and armour. Their technological and industrial edge allows them to outclass their enemies. Their military is a well organized and disciplined force. The prospect of salvation ensures their soldiers loyally follow the Council’s commands. Their generals are competent and experienced officers, unused to defeat.



  • Moderate unit costs

  • Strong tanks and large swarms of legionary infantry

  • Brute force tactics, best used to attack



  • Weak legionary infantry

  • Units have lesser crafting slots

  • Customization options are limited

The Zion Resistance represent the last stand of their civilization. Rising from the ruins of their cities like a phoenix from the flames, they fight a bitter guerrilla war against the Council and the other dangers of the wasteland. The Zions use a mixture of old technology and scavenged equipment.



  • Strong units with powerful technology

  • Numerous special abilities

  • Elite soldiers that have a hit and run ability to suit their guerrilla nature

  • Units able to transform after levelling up, expanding the number of playstyles on offer.



  • Expensive units to produce and maintain.

  • Limited, a loss of a Zion unit is crippling. They are hard to replace.

  • Strong but fragile. Zions must be played with well thought out strategies, otherwise they will be overwhelmed. 

Confidential information only visible to Commanders of legendary rank


Win each contest in their own classes.

Play different game modes and experience their unique challenges. Craft heroes and units, use them in single and multiplayer modes, and dominate your opponents.


Play through an immersive and story based campaign. Enjoy interactive dialogue, cutscenes, and a story that changes to reflect your choices. You control the path you take.


Experience the campaign with a friend or start your own custom matches that can support up to 4 players. Winning is much more fun with friends!


Test your unique hero and units against others online. Play in ranked and unranked matches to challenge your skill. Experience a variety of competitive games. Expand your community by building teams and clans.


Armatus is built around hybrid gameplay. This allows a wide variety of strategies and tactics to be used. It encourages inventive ideas and individual thinking.


Each level is laid out in a series of interconnected lanes. Units move across the map through these lanes.


All units are capable of obeying the player’s commands. They can be ordered to move towards the enemy, defend positions, or change lanes to meet different threats.


The Commander, heroes, and units, can all use different abilities. Potential ability effects include altering stats, damaging enemy units, or changing the gameplay environment.


Customise your army and tailor it to suit your mission and the opponents you will face. Both heroes and units are fully configurable. Every controllable unit can be altered and specialised. Increasing a unit’s strength in one field will weaken it in another. Crafting is of great benefit when done right. A personal AI advisor will provide assistance, ensuring that you create a balanced force.


You choose your base, as well as your starting stats and abilities. Each component chosen has an effect on your stats and bonuses. Players can configure the torso, arms, legs, and head for the Armatus. The Gladius allows the chassis, gears, and motor to be customised.


Swap out weapons and equipment between battles and change them according to the enemies that you are going to face next.


A report and advises from your personal artificial assistant are available after crafting to display the configuration stats and the effects that the various components have.

Stats and Balance

Stats determine a unit’s characteristics, most importantly its strengths and weaknesses.


Determines how many light weapons can be used by a unit as these weapons typically have fast moving parts.


Relates to heavy weapons. It represents the processing power required for their targeting calculations.


Decides how many energy weapons can be used by the unit as well as gear or equipment that rely on energy.

Commander, we need you!

Prepare for battle.