Stats Guide

Stats Guide

Unit cost is based on its strength. Stronger units are more expensive to ensure the game remains balanced. It is up to players to strike a balance between cost and power. Expensive and cheap units both have their uses at different stages of the game. Players choose the configuration or playstyle that suits them best.


Rad is calculated according to a unit’s stats. The higher the values the more expensive the unit will be. Actions have an effect on the RAD value. The more actions a unit has, the more expensive it will be!


Each unit has action points which are needed for it to move, attack, and use special abilities. Moving 1 node on the map costs 1 action point. A single attack will cost 1 action point. A unit’s action points are determined by its stats and crafting configuration. The cost of using a special ability varies. Units with more action points have a higher cost.

Other Stats

  • Hit Points
    • Health/State of unit.
  • Damage is a fixed value determined by the weapon stats.
  • Range
  • Weapon range and damage is determined by the unit stats. Range is calculated in Nodes (e.g. Range 2 allows a unit to fire at targets up to 2 Nodes away). The weapon cost will be determined by its damage and range.
    • Of weapons
    • calculated in Nodes = Range 2 = 2 Nodes Range
    • Increases costs multiplicative to damage

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