Lane Setup

Lane Setup Guide

Lanes are composed of cardboards, that contain at least 3 Nodes each. The nodes are visualized by interface elements. (Lanes are split into sections, containing a minimum of 3 Nodes.
The cardboards can be rearranged, if the roads are seamlessly connecting to each other. Several cardboard types will enable to create own unique levels. (The different sections can be rearranged to make unique designs that are player made).

Supports X vs X

This mode expands the map to include extra players. Players may still use their Hero units but are restricted to one Hero per lane. Units can expend action points to move across lanes, allowing players to focus attacks on their opponents weak points. Team battles allow for larger scale games that require close cooperation to succeed.

A modification of the standard team map, this setup has the teams set at 90 degree angles to each other with each player facing one opponent. The crossing point is the focal point of this map as it allows units from all sides to clash. By seizing control of this point, a team may focus their assaults on one opponent before crushing the other.

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