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Heroes and Units

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Gladius P1

  • Basic Gladius (not crafted)
  • Balanced Hero
  • Strong weapon
  • Good Unit Command capabilities

The basic Gladius model features no crafting changes as it is focused on balance. It has powerful weaponry and good Unit Command capabilities. This vehicle is an excellent all-rounder.

Heavy Tank P1

  • Protected by titanium
  • Multipurpose Heavy Cannon
  • High damage, many hit points, expensive

This standard model is armoured by thick titanium plate and boasts a multipurpose heavy cannon. It can give and take a lot of damage but this is offset by its high cost.

Light Tank P1

A light vehicle designed for hit and run assaults. It has superior agility thanks to its magnetic suspension, allowing it to run circles around slower units. Hard hitting but fragile.

Legion P1

  • Loyal troop
  • Moderate power
  • Mass units

Standard Council soldiers who are fanatically loyal to their masters. Individually weak, they work best when deployed en masse, overwhelming their enemies with firepower and numbers.

Armatus S1


Armati S1

A smaller version of the main Armatus, these copies mount miniature versions of its devastating weaponry. The initial power is enforced multiple times over its level.

A smaller version of the Armatus, these copies are equipped with weaker variants of its weaponry. They lack the destructive power of a full sized Armatus but are still dangerous.

Falcon S1

The falcon is a fast skirmisher. The anti mater drives allow it be very fast. Quantum processors ensuring enough power for the inference target system.

A light skirmishing unit, the Falcon’s speed is thanks to its anti-matter drive. It uses quantum processors to power its advanced targeting system.


Can be played as a normal unit (troop). Will be on the battlefield. Hero units affect your army composition and are also physically present on the battlefield. They generate RAD and can also use special abilities to bolster your forces.
Every hero will have a pilot. This commander/pilot will be represented by a card. It will enable special abilities. The hero can be used for any hero unit of the faction.

The Armatus has no pilot, it is controlled by the mind of his master. The master has to be close to the Armatus, and so is present on the battlefield. The pilot is represented on the battlefield as a hero unit with the power to use special abilities.


Elite skills and advances tactics knowledge makes her to a feared warrior.

ABILITY: Use two actions to make 4x damage for 2 RAD.

Dalia is an intelligent warrior and a tactical genius. She uses this knowledge to her advantage on the battlefield, making lightning fast decisions that dazzle her opponents.


Many wars toughened this wise soldier. Most wanted man of the council!

ABILITY: While on the same Node every Armati gets one extra level.

The Council’s deadliest foe, the Miner is a soldier forged in the fires of battle. His vast experience and wisdom encourage and strengthen his troops when on the battlefield.


A former commander now the self-proclaimed leader of the rebellions.

ABILITY: While on the same Node every unit will have on additional action point.

The aspiring leader of the rebels, Lion is a former commander of the Council turned freedom fighter. His presence inspires nearby units, spurring them on to fight harder.


There is no warrior more fearsome in battle. Council soldiers fear his name and have been known to flee at the sight of him.

ABILITY: No ability, but has  strength of a bear!

A fearful presence on the battlefield, the mere sight of Biggi is enough to make Council troops break and run. His skill and bravery is the awe of both friend and foe alike.


Armatus offers a wide arsenal of weapon types to choose from with a huge variety of combinations and possibilities available to players. The crafting opportunities are limitless.

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