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FAQ Armatus Boardgame

Which material do you use?

Heroes/Units are made of high quality plastic. The mounts are realized through a magnetic connection. The lanes will be represented by thick cardboards. Cards are made of high quality paper materials. Special colors as gold, silver will be used with a glossy uv lack. Action points and RAD Are supplied in form of plastic gems.

How many players is Armatus for?

Armatus is for 1-8 Players.

Does the game have a Co-op player mode?

The game will take place on a physical version of the the lanes. Card plates of thick cardboard will represent one lane. Several cardboards can be combined to define own levels. So you can make many lanes to play in Co-op.




1 vs 1 one by one as usual

2 vs 2 Side by side splitting the lanes among the players.

2 vs 2 cross  by using the interconnections of the lanes on another axis. The units can move on the lanes as desired.


X vs X mix as you want by combining as many lanes as you want and as many player as you want!


Is it a collectible card game?


What sizes are the cards?

Cards size is the standard european business card size: 85 * 55 mm

Will you ship international?

US, Canada, EU friendly shipping*
*some states or islands can have a higher shipping fee

Can I see the game rules?

Sure, just follow this link:


Basic Rules
Multiplayer Rules

Is there a lot of downtime between players' turns?

No, Armatus is a fast paced and action packed game experience that rewards tactical control. Quick and intelligent decisions will guide you to success.


Basic Rules
Multiplayer Rules

What are the miniatures made from?

The miniatures (Heroes, Parts, Units)  are made of high quality and partly painted PVC. This is what we used in our previous projects, with excellent results.

How can we craft ingame?

The mounts are realized through a magnetic connection. The magnets are embedded into the geometry by gluing them into a slot.

What scale are the miniatures?

Figure of Pilots are 60mm.

Can I purchase any bonuses?

Yes, for example you can purchase separately Painted parts.

Will Armatus be produced in other languages?

Armatus is only in English. We do not know if the game will be made available in other countries or languages, but we believe it is a real possibility.

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