Crafting Guide

A well thought-out Crafting system

Units and heroes are made up of different parts. Players can swap out equipment and weapons to customise their unit.
Units are organised by set which reflects the army of one commander. Sets contain all the units for a given faction and allow the player to make the choice. For example, the Decimatus set consists of a Gladius Decimatus Heavy Tank, a Decimatus Legion, and a Decimatus Light Tank. Sets correspond to different play types and strategies. The Decimatus Council set is designed for quick attacks and rushes whereas the Rhino set is more focused on high RAD generation and heavily armoured vehicles.

Players are able to combine elements from different set to mount on units, e.g. mounting Gladius Decimatus treads on a Gladius Rhino chassis.

A unit set will contain all necessary parts, part cards, ability cards, and items

Simple use with high-tech joints on units

Our products are designed to meet high quality standards. The durable joints are easy to use and make crafting a swift process. The ability for players to make and customise their own unique armies is a major focus for the product.

A template will be provided to guide players through crafting. This will show all the slots for a unit/hero. Part cards can be mounted on the slots to allow easy transportation. It will also act as a guide for newer players.

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