Basics rules (1 vs 1)

  • The game is turn based. Every player can use one unit per turn. An additional movement phase is available after all players have taken their turn. In this phase all players may move their chosen units one node. (Player 1 -> Get RAD -> Play one unit -> Player 2 -> Get RAD -> Play one unit => Movement phase for all players)
  • The player’s turn begins with RAD allocation from what their Hero unit has produced.
  • In the action phase every player gets the chance to select one particular unit for his turn. The selected unit has action points, which are determined by its stats.
  • These action points can be used to move 1 node. Units can move in any direction on the nodes. Hero units are limited to Node_0, which is the starting point on the lane.
  • Attacks also cost one action point. The damage is fixed and directly applied to the opponent. The weapon’s range is determined by its stat values.
  • Abilities can be performed and will consume action points. The cost varies depending on the ability.
    • Heroes can perform default abilities
      • Generate RAD, uses one Action point, to generate X (according hero stats) amount of RAD.
      • Call for support, uses one Action point. Creates one unit on the Node_0 of the lane, where the hero is located.
    • Upgrade unit, uses one Action point. A particular unit will be upgraded one level
  • Item Shop. A certain amount of item shops are placed on the map. A unit can visit this shop buy items. This item can then be equipped by the unit. If another unit or hero wants to use the item, the unit has to move to the unit/hero to transfer. The movement will cost the usual action points, but the transfer is free.
  • The player will be rewarded with RAD when they destroy enemy units. The game configuration card chosen at the start of the game will determine how much RAD is gained. The default configuration gives: Hero (150), Heavy Unit (15,25,50); Light Unit (5, 15, 30), Troops (1,2,3). The game speed and style can be changed by using different configurations.
  • The game ends when all enemy heroes have been destroyed.